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4 Eyes? Try Five- Brittany Smith Photography

For this month's photography coverage, Brittany Smith is giving the world beauty in brown. We caught up with the photographer to ask "

To be completely honest, I haven’t been engaging in photography as art, not the way I used to anyway. I have a journal full of ideas that just sits on my bookshelf, just sitting there. But the ideas are representative of things I’ve gone through in my life. They are representations of my feeling unloved as a child, feeling unwanted; my feelings around growth and change, chasing dreams, dead end romantic relationships; emotions caused by my phobias and anxiety.

The work I am doing now though is women’s portraits. I want everyday women to get a chance to get glammed up and take photos that look like they belong in a magazine. Everything out in the world tells us we are not enough. We’re not pale enough, not thin enough, not curvy enough, not beautiful enough, just not enough. I want to show women how beautiful they are and that they can be their own standard of beauty. I want women to learn to love themselves as they are now.

I guess it all ties together though, the portraits I take and the art that I want to create. It’s all about the lies people tell us about ourselves and the journey of unlearning those lies; learning to accept and love yourself the way you are; learning that you are beautiful and worthy. And not beautiful and worthy despite what the standards are, but beautiful and worthy, point, blank, period.

Love is the key. That includes self-love.

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