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Vinyle Talks

Stay up to date with artists and their upcoming works. Vinyle Talks catches you to speed, or simply gives you what you need. 

Vinyle zine

Vinyle Talks w/ 34 Young Cash

Vinyle is introducing a new segment called "Vinyle Talks," and our first Vinyle Talks is with Atlanta rapper, 34 Young Cash. We caught up with the Atlanta native to ask him our favorite question, "how does your artwork express your soul?" 34 also dropped some helpful tips for upcoming artists getting their feet wet in the music industry, and even some that are on the intermediate level. Regardless of whatever discipline you're in, support this young rapper as he documents his journey, and shares his story with you.



Vinyle Talks

Sound Off!

This weeks Vinyle Talks was about the gender roles of men and women when it comes to proposal. Some people think it is socially unacceptable for a woman to propose to a man due to the proposal being an act of chivalry from the man. Can women not be chivalrous too? 

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