Vinyle zine functions as a public diary featuring curated collections of expressive Black arts content in various forms of literature. The concept behind Vinyle's public diary zine is to give Black people the chance to share our personal truths through any literary form --song, poetry, fiction / non-fiction-- which will open the door to nourishing the soul of our culture, while using writing to free ourselves. Channeling our emotions through writing helps to manage stress, express tribulations, and extol a cultural manifesto to relate to others in the African diaspora. 

 Vinyle aims to maximize ethical networking between business-to-culture in the Black community, and cultivate authentic work which embodies our essence. Songs, poetry, fiction / non-fiction is our expression in order to keep the art and soul sinew by forging a bridge with relentless optimism and prosperity. Vinyle zine works to foster a new generation of how creators create, and cultivate a meaningful environment in our editorial hub for how artists articulate their souls.  



Read why Chief KRF vehemently pursues literature as a means of redefining writing as a way for Black people to express ourselves in this form of art.


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