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Vinyle Music

IG: @a13mando

Who is A13Mando? Who's up next in the ATL rap game? Read his article below to see how he will be the next ATL rap star to pop off.

Vinyle zine: October 2020


When it comes to music --good tunes can never go out of style. Atlanta is a music hub everyone flocks to in order to let their voices be heard, but it is the true vocalists who are able to fully penetrate our souls --and our pockets. Did you hear the cha-ching with those last concert tickets?


Vinyle zine: October 2020


The ATLien Rap Game

"My soul purpose in music is to not have my voice be ignored. I feel I was predestined for greatness, and I refuse to let anyone stop me from it. My message of self confidence and freely speaking is something that can never be removed from my lyrics. I was born as an ATLien in the southside of the city. In my hometown, many creatives feel repressed because they are not supported to fully express themselves, in fact it's just the opposite for me." -A13Mando

Vinyle zine: October 2020

34 Young Cash

Vinyle Music

rapper: 34 Young Cash 

IG: @34youngcash

Photographer: KRF

IG: @ariel_dahuman

Vinyle zine: September 2020

Vinyle Talks w/ 34 Young Cash

Our first Vinyle Talks is with Atlanta rapper, 34 Young Cash. We caught up with the Atlanta native to ask him our favorite question, "how does your artwork express your soul?" 34 also dropped some helpful tips for upcoming artists getting their feet wet in the music industry, and even some that are on the intermediate level. Regardless of whatever discipline you're in, support this young rapper as he documents his journey, and shares his story with you.

Vinyle zine: September 2020

SaseeVille by SaseeChic.png


"Have you ever had nervous energy hit the pit of your stomach and didn't know why?

  I realized it was an overwhelming feeling to create. Something that would hit my eyes or ears a certain way to let me know it was worthwhile. A simplistic composition that is all based on mood."


The photography is a reflection of whatever I feel like the visual reality is. No rhyme or reason just what resides in my world. Something diverse from mainstream. Pop Culture, Hip Hop to Anime.

Vinyle zine: August 2020


"Thinking of You"

Short film video directed by Kandice Fowlkes.

Song by Tahira Imani, "Thinking of You."

Vinyle zine: July 2020

Kendrick KHALID

"When I’m down or unsure music can cast away any negative thoughts that may reside in my head. Somewhat like that blanket we all had as a kid or a mother’s warmth; It’s hard to find that these days."

Kendrick by Javan

How does your music express your soul?

"[. . .] souls  can be very complex and chaotic, especially when you don’t know yourself. So, I’m very happy and thankful to be able to pop something out of all this craziness."

-Kendrick KHALID


IG: @colderoy