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By: Bearfox


For the first time in years 

I cried, happiness with tears 

I never thought in a lifetime I’d be facing my fears

Up against my own peers 

For the first time in years

The spotlight on bear 

People aware, paid attention they care ‘bout every word out my mouth like king, why was you scared?


For the first time in years

My emotions out in the air 

Like who cares they're right there 

It’s ok to be bare


The Sunflower Project




What about the destruction of the Black mind?

Do we deny it’s reality?

Or call it fate?

Of the history of an abusive father

Or trauma from date rape.


Do we douse it’s remnants in alcohol or blood?

Or rewind time so their will be none.


Maybe we leave it alone,

and let time tell.

But if we did that,

we all know full well...

In Need of You

By: Nailah Herbert

Be refreshed,
in everything that you do,
in everything within you
Generous in giving,
Loving in action,
Black America is in need,
Continue to look upon your black
brothers and sisters as equal,
We all are becoming in the coming,
The light that shines in you is the same
light that dwells in others,
The same light that led the way for centuries,
Traveling down the path with a twinkle of brightness,
The twinkle of faith,
The same legs that help you walk on the soil…
that is not ours,
Our roots are not planted here,
Our freedom had always been a fight for liberation,
In the steady war with the oppressor,
Continue to believe in the identity that you create for yourself,
However you define yourself is the image of your brother and sister,
By becoming your best self,

You continue to help transform the lives around you,
Create a purpose for yourself,
Set a goal to accomplish and you will see the fruits of your labor,
The gleam of the star that has been stamped on your spirit centuries ago,
We are in need of a better America,
a better justice system,
better people,
a better you.

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