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Who doesn't love to find new eats, new hairstyles, and even new cosmetic looks! Find your piece of mind in this Black health hub.

Vinyle zine: October 2020


"Breaking Barriers"

Mental Health and holistic health are starting to transition from being a once taboo topic in the Black community, to something we can feel slightly more easy about opening those cans of worms. Nonetheless, the transition is still in its adolescence, and plenty more work still needs to be done in order to finally break generational cycles. I asked Fatoumata my favorite question, "how does your work express your soul?" I believe the soul should always provide the framework for any pursuit driven by passion and relentless hustle; ideally, our opinions matched.

Vinyle zine: October 2020

"I work as a holistic wellness coach. I specifically focus on empowering people to create a sacred space for themselves through mindset work, and self-care practices that allow growth in all areas of their life. The soul is known to be the driver of the body. My work as a wellness coach is an expression of my soul, because it literally is where my soul has always driven me towards ever since I can remember."

- F. Barry

IG: @positiveexchangewellness @___f.barry

Vinyle zine: October 2020

Positive Exchange Wellness 

"I get excited when I complete a self work coaching session, and my client says something along the lines of , “I feel so inspired,” or, “this has really helped me refocus my goals,” or even “I'm hopeful.” That’s what brings a smile to my soul!

In my wellness shop you can find my Balance Affirmation Cards. This 35-card deck of affirmations focuses on balancing the 7 chakras in our body. All affirmations speak love, health, abundance, and spirituality into our lives."

Learn more about my 1:1 coaching and wellness programs"

-F. Barry


Vinyle zine: September 2020

Watch Chief KRF as she documents her progress using the Black Owned hair company, Divine Afro Mind. The product promises moisture retention, split end repairs, and a smell that is impeccable. Watch now on Vinyle zine's YouTube page.

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