Bri in the studio

Celestial Divinityin ART 

"There is something magical about taking raw materials and building these worlds for others to experience."

- Bri Simpson


Bri Simpson

"The biggest take away I want people to get from my art is that black art can be more than just the pains and sadness black people have experienced. Black art can be colorful, spiritual, feminine, and enchanting.   I want black women, especially to be able to see themselves in my work, as these divine, multifaceted beings. During this time of global shift, it’s becoming more apparent that we all have talents and gifts to share with the world. I hope to continue to use my platform to celebrate and uplift black women and black art overall." - Bri Simpson 

bri in the studio

IG: @bri.simpson

Vinyle: Paintings & Sketches