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DESign Catalogue

Brandon Hardy Enterprises


"being smooth never looked so humbly." -KRF

Vinyle: Design Catalogue

The Name You'll Want to Know: Brandon Hardy

"[. . .] As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” In today’s world being true to who you are is not easy, it takes courage, grit, and leadership (all characteristics are my companies core values)." - Brandon Hardy


"At Vinyle, we view anything stemming from the African Diaspora as art since the Black community is the most viably notable appropriated culture, so of course we view Brandon's humanitarianism through his clothing line as a dutiful job curated by a fellow running mate."




BHARDY Clothing

"My work is a replica of me; thus it is an expression of my soul. I have always been against the status quo, I am bold, unique, and very expressive and although that comes with controversy, I want my customers to know that it is okay to be YOURSELF."


Brandon Hardy


"In my opinion, people today are more willing to be conformist, and they are unsure of who they are or what their purpose is or should be." -Brandon

Vinyle: Design Catalogue

DESIGN Catalogue

Arianna V.

Arianna V. 

"Knotty by Ari" is Arianna Valbrun's crochet line. Scroll below to view her crochet lingerie that will fulfull all of your knotty desires.

"Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is the Runway."

-Coco Chanel

BriA Doll


" BRELAN Dollhouse" is Bria Fisher's eclectic compilation of digital dolls turned into fashion art staples. Scroll below to view her collection, and you might find a doll to tailor to you.

"KNOTTY" by Ari

"I came up with “Knotty by Ari” because crocheting at it’s most basic form is just making knots, and everything is handmade by me, Ari. Also the play on the word “Naughty” comes from the fact that most of peices are sexy and heavily focused on merging soft silhouettes, sporty looks and high fashion with a non-widely used medium— crochet."


"My brand expresses my soul because I’m a fun loving, multifaceted girl who cares about sustainability and expressing my sexuality through my style."




BRELAN Dollhouse


"The moral of the story here is that my brand doesn’t necessarily have to do with fashion, or drawing- what it really has to do with is how one sees themself. I never thought it would be possible to include all sides of myself in one craft and make money from it- until the day I did."

Baby Doll
Baddy Doll
BaddyDoll body
Beauty Doll
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