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Come Learn w/Bearfootx - Music/ Poetry

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I don't think humans experience enough rawness in their day -no sexual innuendos intended. I am discussing authenticity being dispersed which hopefully helps others see there is nothing to fear when being oneself. Bearfootx incites a rawness that is unfiltered, uncanny, and un-abiding. But enough about what I think of him, read his own perspective of how his artwork expresses his soul.

Such a wonderful question! I’d like to first say I appreciate the opportunity to be featured on here. The best way to explain it is that, my art has been a big key in my vulnerability towards family, friends, strangers of all kinds and especially for myself. My work expresses the full honest life of an aboriginal man living in a corrupt system; which has left a generation of beautiful beings to not only heal themselves, but the world we’re living in. My art shows the duality of life --the ups and downs-- while taking a hard look in the mirror of my own reflection to make sure I’m becoming my best self everyday. At times it can come off as dark, but that's the point of the duality of life I’m trying to depict. As one of my favorite quotes by Alan Watts says, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance,” which means to me --to make real change you have to face your demons head on and as vulnerable as possible to accept and see real change.

Making music and poetry has been a journey especially since I started it all studying film, but life has its ways of pushing you towards your destination whether I like it or not. To think that I was only freestyling and making poetry to help express my thoughts, to now seeing people not only enjoy it, but understanding. I also have some of the greatest friends a human can have, it honestly has been the biggest blessing for me this year and this year has been pretty rough to be frank. But you can find me on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Spotify at Bearfootx. I have a new EP coming out soon named. My neck of the woods: Karma’s Lust. It is a journey of love, heartbreak, healing and self love. It is also the first of many projects and collaborations soon to come with me and a few of my beautiful friends that I can’t wait to show to the world.

A{Poem} : Bare in Years

For the first time in years

I cried, happiness with tears

I never thought in a lifetime I’d be facing my fears

Up against my own peers

For the first time in years

The spotlight on bear

People aware, paid attention they care ‘bout every word out my mouth like king why was you scared

For the first time in years

My emotions out in the air

Like who cares their right there

It’s ok to be bare

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