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The Sunflower That Grew From the Concrete- Nadiyah Gulley, Stylist

'The sunflower that grew from the concrete,' isn't a story I've ever heard, but I bet if I were to ask Nadiyah Gulley what it means to her, she'll paint herself as the Sunflower protagonist. Conviction might be an understatement when it comes to this woman's ferocity, but her soul is epic when poured into her work. It speaks volumes, just scroll below and see for yourself. Regardless, we asked Nadiyah to express her words of how the artwork she does expresses her soul, here's what she has to say.

To me, styling is a judgment free vision of the world and who I truly am. It is my ambitions, sexuality, and conscious connection with the universe all wrapped up in one. It's the art of self expression, giving a chance to be as feminine or as risqué as one desires.

Like my personality, my styles keep you on your toes. I like to keep it bold by using patterns and colors along with pieces that go against the grain of trendy Prêt-à- porter fashions. When styling, my inner fascinations with meaningful decades from the 20's thru 70's, (when women were rebellious, talented, and classy) started to appear. No matter if they are corporate cuties or eccentric musicians, I channel my inner Josephine's and Betty's to bring my clients' rebellious ambitions to life!

The evidence is in my company, Swanky D's which consists of strong and uniquely themed concepts. During the naming process, I made sure to pick a word that captures the essence of my soul and brand -hence the word Swanky meaning stylish and luxurious. All of these adjectives capture the balance of my free spirit and corporate lifestyle within the brand.

Nadiyah Gulley

Owner of Swanky D's


Fb business page: Swanky D's

Linked:Nadiyah Gulley

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