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UnLYSHed- Poet, Love Enthusiast

Poets can be found on every corner of your street, but wordsmiths are hard to come by. Author and poet UnLYSHed interviewed with Vinyle for the July edition, and expressed to us 'how her artwork expresses her soul.' Read more to peer into the heart and soul behind her works.

i have pictured my soul. i see that it is busy; it is colorful and it is.. twisted. with darkness and light. it is like a hurricane - a storm of every emotion that made my body quiver intensely crashing with the experiences that are embedded deeply behind my eyes. my soul is my late night cleansing cries and my laughter as the sun strokes my skin - it is my desperation and my confidence. It is a mixture of every desire and necessity; it is confusion and it is surety - and my soul is searching. for the eye of the storm - the place that God is; that knows that He is the Key to the calm. that if He would just speak it - the storm of confliction would be no more. my writings - my poetry - moan of the storm. of the more beautiful, seemingly pleasant showers and then of the fierce and devastating squall before the flood. my pen is honest, thorough, penetrating and authentic - it describes the complexity in living between flesh and spirit - it describes the journey to God Himself. my poetry is where I empty the waters - though it be wrapped in analogies and metaphors, it leaks with every great, conflicted, tainted, and pure part of.. my soul.

i am unLYSHed.

unLYSHed has also recently released her poetry book, The Sunflower Project, which encompasses a variety of poems for any open-hearted listener. For more works and information from the author and poet, follow her social media:

ig: @iamunlyshed

u n L Y S H e d

poet | author | love enthusiast

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