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Ytunde Oliver- Digital Artiste

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

For July's Digital Artists cover, we caught up with Paige "Ytunde" Oliver to ask her, "how does your artwork express your soul?" Here's what she has to say:

My art is a reflection of myself, my characters, and how I draw them, making each piece an extension of my consciousness, blackness, and overall performance as a person. The thing about my work is that it always seems to have this pattern of controlled chaos, starting out wild and incoherent until I’m able to get a bigger picture. I realize that it is a recurring theme in my life and that naturally there is an order in the chaos. For a better mental image, my room is messy and cluttered but I know where everything is. The Chaos has a certain order that I am comfortable with. The scribbles that make no sense to anyone but myself, when I go back over it with something as smooth as a pen the disordered lines make sense. Ironically, my digital art and my traditional drawing skills are very different because digitally, it lacks some of my humanity which is why it takes so much longer for me to complete art that I’m satisfied with. But I know I just need to find a balance between the two and figure out a process that uses my strengths on both mediums.

For more of Ytunde Oliver's work follow her on IG: @ytoxart

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