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"BRELAN Dollhouse"- Bria Fisher the Designer

For the first issue of Vinyle zine, we scouted for Black artists in every creative discipline to ask 'how does their artwork express their soul.' Read below to see how Bria Fisher's creations come to life for her!


My brand, BRÉLAN, started on a regular day- riding the shuttle back to my dorm from class, approaching the end of freshman year in college. Sitting on the bus, I received a text message from a random man from the area, asking to draw his late brother on Timberland boots. He told me that he knew of my skill, and considered me really talented. I was slightly confused. I was a fashion design major. I’ve always liked to draw, but I’ve never thought of myself as an artist. I definitely did not think of myself as someone who commissioned drawings- let alone on clothing! Of course, when I finally came up with a good price and offered it to him, I never received a response. However, on that regular day, sitting on that shuttle bus, an idea was born. The concept didn’t necessarily have to do with my craft, or drawing on clothing. The quintessential light bulb had to do with me. I casually mentioned to my friend sitting next to me, “I think I’m going to start doing this, like, as a business. I think I’m going to start painting clothes”. Shortly after, I went home for the summer and was commissioned to paint my first pair of sneakers. Within a year, I had several of my items in stores and two pop up shops under my belt.

The moral of the story here is that my brand doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with fashion, or drawing- what it really has to do with is how one sees themselves. I never thought it would be possible to include all sides of myself in one craft and make money from it- until the day I did. The BRÉLAN doll line represents the principal that what is believed to be true, is. Think of oneself highly, and see how much is achieved! Transforming my clients into stylish, optimized versions of themselves is one of the ways I’ve discovered to communicate this message. I could be a designer, an accountant, or even a zoologist! What remains true about my soul, in any situation, is that I have been able to create my life by whole-heartedly visualizing how I saw myself. To help others understand that through confidence and faith, they can make their desires come true is the main purpose of the BRÉLAN dolls. Anyone can be a doll, they just have to believe they can!

For more looks or bookings, the BRELAN contact info is listed below.

Instagram handle: @BRELANDollhouse

Instagram and twitter handle: @Bria_Doll

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