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The BEAUTiFUL Jiggy Santana, Fashion Stylist

If you ever need to consult your style, but fear perceptions, size, fracturing the norms --book a consultation with Jiggy because she will school you in every direction needed. For Vinyle zine's July edition, we caught up with Jiggy to discuss her style and mostly, 'how does her style reflect her soul,' here's what she has to say.

I am very care free, very different. I also am a different feeling everyday. My style reflects a lot of how I am feeling that day or even that week, bringing the positive vibes to whoever path I may cross that day. All black looks that contain spikes still bring the same energy as my rainbow bows if not more. It shows that there is no light without darkness and darkness is not always bad .. everything done in the dark comes to the light. Some days I like to shine my light in different ways. Some days I’m in sweats but other days I’m in heals. This gives the same amount of feminine energy within myself. To the outside world it’s so frustrating because they definitely can’t keep up. And I definitely change my hair by which personality of mine I’m feeling that day. No matter what my appearance has a certain comfort to it that still creates a safe haven for people. It let’s them know.

That no matter what the outside looks like, the heart is still The same. Sometimes my looks is intimidating. . . those are words from the weak and I try to block those opinions out. Being free, being naked, being colorful, being dark. My style shows the many versions of me inside of this vessel. My journey shows my transformations and awakening. And being that I hate the way the new ages dress, it definitely shows that I’ve been here before❤️.

For more content from Jiggy, follow her IG @hashtagjiggy

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