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Black In Love- Nailah Herbert Photography

If you've ever shot with Nailah Herbert, then you'll notice how her and her camera are in sinew as they move around their muse. The recent newlywed shared with us the meaning behind her photography that she felt best she could explain. Honestly, pictures are worth the 500 words we asked her for when articulating how her artwork expresses her soul. Nonetheless, here is what she has to say.

My photography is an expression of my soul because I love to capture the moments. I love taking photos of people or flowers. I like taking pictures of flowers, mainly because it’s a God-given gift to man and woman. We can use flowers and herbs to heal our body, mind, and spirit. I love finding the beauty in things. When I see the beauty in people, flowers, and things, beauty then turns around and sees the beauty in me. I capture photos, but my camera encaptures me.

For more of Nailah Herbert's photography and art, tagged below are her social media handles.

IG: @photobynailah


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