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Polaroid Portraiture - Jordan Thompkins

It's the visuals for me! When presented a muse, Jordan can capture the most off-guard moment in the way we want all of our friend's to snap our fun times. The un-filtering of his captures states a larger purpose than the flex we can find on our local social medias--the art of life. We asked Jordan our favorite question at Vinyle, "how does your artwork express your soul?" Here's what he has to say.

Turning the lens on myself breeds a moment of vulnerability -Jordan

"This is a great question that I had to really stop and think about to even find the words for! My work expresses my soul in a multitude of ways. Photography is like my love language, so making work that involves the people closest to me, in a way, is how I show that I love them! My work is also a way for me to explore and learn about myself. Turning the lens on myself breeds a moment of vulnerability. A moment for me to reflect and figure out who this person is that is in front of the camera or perhaps, who do I want them to be. Because of this, self-portraiture has honestly been very therapeutic for me and beneficial to my self-esteem in the past. It’s not only helped me get more comfortable with myself and having my photo taken, but has also helped me in discovering other things about me as well (like what masculinity looks like and means to me).

Lastly, I think my work expresses my soul in the sense that when I’m shooting, my soul will be the very thing that guides my eye. I usually have a bit of trouble explaining to people what made me think to take a photo or the methodology behind my photo making in general because oftentimes it just feels instinctual; a split-second decision to click the shutter in the midst of a fleeting moment that now feels like the most important moment in the world. Even if I have a particular shot or preconceived idea in mind going into a shoot, once I actually get behind the camera, I’ll often just start feeling my way through instead. I’ve made some of my best work this way."

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