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Kendrick Craine- Musical Artist

Music is the creative expression we all indulge upon. It reflects a part of our souls whether we are consciously aware of it, or not. For musical artist Kendrick "Khalid" Craine, his music is his soul! Read our interview with Kendrick regarding how his music expresses his soul.

When I’m listening to or making music I see it as manifesting how my soul feels. When I’m down or unsure music can cast away any negative thoughts that may reside in my head. Somewhat like that blanket we all had as a kid or a mother’s warmth; It’s hard to find that these days. However, souls can be very complex and chaotic, especially when you don’t know yourself. So, I’m very happy and thankful to be able to pop something out of all this craziness.

IG: @colderoy

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