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Unique Beats All - SaseeChic music

Ordinary has become the new "weird," so from there on --one must continue to find a way to be unique in a forever changing atmosphere. Benny James, i.e. SaseeChic, is the artist/ producer that will continue to update his portfolio with more content contrary to the norms. the artistry in his photography are thematic and out of this world, but his music was a change of tempo so we had to ask our favorite question, "how does your artwork express your soul?" Here's what he has to say.

Have you ever had nervous energy hit the pit of your stomach and didn't know why?

I realized it was an overwhelming feeling to create. Something that would hit my eyes or ears a certain way to let me know it was worthwhile. A simplistic composition that is all based on mood. Whether photography or music it has to command my attention. If not images or sounds are perused until something speaks or it’s revisited later.

The photography is a reflection of whatever I feel like the visual reality is. No rhyme or reason just what resides in my world. Something diverse from mainstream. Pop Culture, Hip Hop to Anime.

The music is meant to be played in the background for one’s daily life. Picture instrumentals playing in the back --helping to push your day along in a good way. Played anywhere and anytime. Think being in a chill mood after a long stressful day, entertaining guests, exercising, traveling, intimacy or simply to close your eyes to relax. If this is you? Here’s your soundtrack.

SaseeVille by SaseeChic

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Benny James


SaseeChic Music

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