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AIRY TUNES- Tahira Imani's Music

For the first issue's collection of artists from every discipline, we decided to ask the singer/ songwriter Tahira Simpson 'how does her artwork express her soul?' Read below to see how her creative discipline articulates her.

Tahira Imani

As my musical style has developed, I’ve come to understand that the songs I write are an expression of my inner emotions. When I was growing up, I used to have such a hard time expressing myself because I felt like no one was listening to my words. But when I would sing, all of that would fade away. This voice that I’ve been given has allowed me to express myself openly and honestly, which is something I feared I might never be able to do. When I first began writing music,I often repressed things that ,again, I felt like people didn’t want to hear. But as I really let myself get into the process, I let go of that fear and allowed myself to be fully immersed in my music. By doing this, I’ve ended up attracting so many beautiful people into my life and, at this point in my life, I’ve never felt more confident and supported. Using my music as the truest expression of myself has been the best thing I could’ve done. As I find myself more through my music, others that resonate with it find their way to me. The love and support I feel for myself is evident in those that are now coming to support me and I’m thankful everyday for the opportunity to express myself in this way.

If you want to check out more from Tahira Imani go to her

Instagram: @tahira.404

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